I hate that I’m afraid to walk past a cop in this country

I hate that I’m afraid to walk past a cop, I hate that my tax dollars are an accessory to innocent people dying and I hate how it makes me feel about being Black in America. I shouldn’t have to dress and act a certain way to be considered a human being, also I shouldn’t feel responsible for the actions of people that happen to be african american as well.

You don’t have to be a minority to have an opinion or to empathize with what’s going on in the country, just how I imagine I don’t have to be a woman in this country to understand they have it bad as well. The interesting thing here is that while I don’t condone violence the world has a history of acting belligerent to get what it wants. Whether it’s the Salt Riot of 1648 to the Philadelphia riot of 1742 to the Anti-abolitionist riots in 1834 or the Rice Riots of 1918 and so forth and so forth.
While rioting is counterproductive I find it interesting that the results from history tell a different story. I guess you just have to find the right riot that’s your cup of tea.