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New York

Bio: Just a guy trying to find humor amongst the madness that is cancer

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    1. Yes I do have cancer. It’s called Multiple Myeloma, it’s an incurable blood disease.

      Looking at me you can’t tell and although I run marathons, lift weights and lead a seriously active life. This is something I will always have.

      1. That sucks, but good you are staying active and not being all MEH. Do remember to be kind to your body and give yourself adequate rest.

        When were you diagnosed? Are you doing medical treatments?

        Also, google Kris Carr – she has a rare incurable cancer (not MM) and has been thriving with diet/lifestyle changes for 10+ years. Plus she is funny as heck! 🙂

        I like your happy happy joy joy project. Keep it up!

  1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I was diagnosed back in 2008. I must say chemo was the best diet I have ever been on. I used to weigh 275 pounds. I’m now 130. Although I only lost 20 pounds thanks to chemo, the rest was up to me.

    yeah… I was a big guy. I was definitely a snickers bar away from being in a diabetic coma.

    Yes I know Kris Carr! Well I don’t know her, know her, but I know of her! She’s great!

    it’s funny when i was first diagnosed with cancer I thought I was going to look good going bald, I thought I was going to look like shaft or Nick Fury… but the only thing I looked like was an Ashy uncle fester… right now the only thing I’m doing is radiation. But only 2 more sessions to go!

    1. You are too skinny to be uncle fester. You need a new comparison. 🙂 Don’t you experience pain, though?

      Congrats on such a good survival time, thus far, I’m sure that your self-care efforts and positivity contributed at least equally if not more than the medical treatments! My nursing brain is both proud of you and wants to be like “oooooh be careful! you can get hurt easily!” Hehe.

      You gotta live, though, and now you are making a legacy for others with your videos.

      1. yeah… I gotta live the life I’ve been dealt. I have no intentions on slowing down. Thank you again for your support and kind words. You should submit a video o yourself telling us what gives you hope!! We can do a interview via google hangout!

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