Month: February 2015

Chemosabe: The Legendary Journeys!

Greetings old friends! So Sorry I have been absent from you all. I have been working like a crazy man to finish my new web series,Chemosabe, which is based on my misadventures of being a cancer patient. The Story is about a man who is no longer in remission who is forced to start treatment with the help of his sister and his best friend who happens to be Death.

cals promo pic It’s interesting, If I was never diagnosed with cancer, I don’t know if I would have followed my dreams. I wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with Cindy and I certainly would not have created ” Chemo: A Love Story”

After a successful Kickstarter run, I can’t wait to share this with the rest of the world. Cancer has taken so much away from me, I feel it’s my responsibility to share my experiences with the world.

This series will have everything, from what it’s like to live with cancer, to a Zombie and Twilight Zone themed episode. I will keep you updated on all things Chemosabe!