Tales from the Diagnosed

Greetings Kids, today, 3 years ago to be exact, was the day I was told I wouldn’t make it to christmas. I was on revlimid, tired, depressed and definitely suicidal. It would be a lie to say that since then life has been perfect. Life really is precious and  for all the hardships I have endure, it has only made victories mean so much more.

Today I don’t bring you my story, but I am working on a project where I have interviewed over 150 people. People who have lost children, friends, family members and yes, on occasion, themselves. I bring you: Tales from the Diagnosed. Here is one of my favorite interviews. Hope you enjoy!


Feb 2001 I was headed to Hawaii and decided to get a
tanning session to avoid burning on my trip. Got out of
the tanning bed and noticed my left nut was hanging
lower. Felt it and it was maybe 10-20% larger but felt
hard at the bottom ya know, less squishy. So like any
self respecting hypocondriac, I Googled testicular
cancer and Called the doc on Monday. Appt
Wednesday. Had it removed Monday. Two weeks of
radiation. Six weeks later, I suddenly lost ALL hair on
my torso in the shape of CA to include key lymph nodes.
Three months later it grew back just as quickly. Tired
for a year. I have 9 permanent tattoo dots for
radiation alignment. Scary at the time with young kids.
There was one funny part. Had to lie face up on a table
feet together and knees apart for 90 minutes while a
pretty young Asian technician X-rayed me and drew on me
to tattoo my dots and create my X-Ray lens. At the end
she had to scrub off all the markings with soap and
warm water. One is on my pubic bone. I was furiously
thinking about baseball to divert my attention. Atleast
she tried to make small talk though, she eventually
blurts out “has anyone ever told you that you look like
Toby Maguire?” (This was shortly after Spider-Man 2
came out, and yes I did). To this day I don’t know if
she was just nervous or legitimately trying to flirt.
My ball and I will never know…






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