What it means to be a cancer Survivor.

cancer hi


Like A reese’s peanut butter cup, there’s no wrong way to be a survivor.

Lately, I’ve been thinking what does it means to be a cancer survivor;  shouldn’t I get a ribbon? A cookie? A wind resistant cape!? (superman, doesn’t even have one of those!)  I can’t help, but feel the need to take life by the metaphorical horns and go for it. The problem with living “free”, with a new lease on life is that, well, no one completely understand that part of you.

What does it mean? Like all crisis of the existential variety, there’s no easy answer. This is incredibly difficult for me in relationships; I meet a new girl and I’m so excited to get started, that I forget that our journey and path on how we came to be who we are, are totally different.

It’s the feeling that “I have to beat death” that gets in the way of living. I feel as if I’m playing a continuous game of hide and seek with the shrouded one and the only way to beat him is by making life happen. Unfortunately, I must remember that I am not an Alchemist and all things take time.

Remember, we all go through our own personal hell, for some of us it may resemble Dante’s inferno, while others, a very long game of monopoly.

Being a cancer survivor means eating better. I can’t eat what I used to eat, nor do I want to. Years ago, I use to eat hamburgers every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  It was after reading cancer on five dollars a day that changed how I eat; the way the Author spoke about vegetables made you think broccoli was the second coming.

Being a Cancer survivor means you’re able to take more licks and keep on ticking. That’s right, take it from someone who has take more radiation to the face than Bruce banner, that our pain mentally and physically is on a subatomic level. (science!)

Being a cancer survivor means sadly, and ironically getting rejected by the people you care the most about.  Sometimes you will meet some people who want nothing to do with you, because of your past. It happens to me all the time and it’s not fair, but the other side of the coin is that you find people worth keeping in your life. Try to use that as fuel that you can make it.

Being Cancer survivor means using the opportunity that you are indeed a survivor to enjoy yourself. It’s terribly hard to date after or during treatment of any kind, so sometimes you have to romance yourself. Like I said above, no one is going to understand your Journey as much as you, so you need to go out and live for your own sake.


Being a survivor means having the courage to start over and make This life, your own. Being a survivor give us the ability to see things a completely and unique way. Being a survivor gives us the understanding  that obstacles are meant to be defeated.

until next time friends.





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