Hey Guys, as you know, I’m a filmmaker and I’m currently raising money for my next feature film. My last film          (Chemo: A Love Story)made it into Several film festivals and we’re hoping to recapture that lightning in a bottle again! Take a look at my campaign video, check out  some of the cool perks and pass it along if you like it!

We have some pretty cool perks!
For $10- One shouldn’t be dead without a glamorized tombstone!


And For thinking outside the box and for taking a stand against conventional Burials and funeral homes. You will receive our Ashes ” think outside the box” cremation sticker! ($15)



For $50- We will treat you like the star that you are! Ashes true HollyWood Style! We will Film your epic death, in the style of an original, Lifetime Channel Movie. Don’t worry, we will send everything above to your love one, along with a poster and digital download of the scene and soundtrack to Ashes. )



Please check out the video and pass it along if you can!


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