Chemo, does a body good.

Chemo, does a body good.

Before I was diagnosed with cancer I weighed a hefty 245 pounds… I’m 5’6. Yeah… I was definitely a snickers bar away from being in a diabetic coma.
Surprisingly, I’m one of the few people who barely lost weight on chemo. I lost about 20 pounds, still big as a house i carried on as usual until my doctor who I thought was maybe 30, patted me on the stomach and asked me ” How long have you had that problem, son?” He then proceeded to boast about his age. Granted, he turned out to be 55, so either he is a time lord or he is the reason why we have not found the holy grail yet. I’m pretty sure it’s the ladder. Today, I have happily lost 130 pounds.

My point is ….your health is all you got at the end of the day and even though I still technically have these cancer cells within me I make it a point to be active, cook more and to continually educate myself on treatments. Take care of yourself beautiful people.


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