Chemo: A Love Story.


Yesterday we talked about Laughter therapy and the good it can do for you and others. I was very fortunate that I found theater at a young age. When I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24 I was devastated, I was scared and I was alone. While on my journey towards self-awareness and healing, I began writing, Chemo: A Love Story, at first it was a story filled with anger, bitterness and hopelessness . With time and and memories of people past and present it became a story of Hope, laughter and Chocolate pudding.  I originally made it to heal myself and to celebrate the human spirit, now, it has made it into several film festivals around the U.S.  It tells the story of two cancer patients who fell in love in the hospital and decide to make it work.

Now for some shameless plugging!

Well I’m at it again this time for my first feature film Ashes, which tells the story of 3 siblings who go on a road trip to bury their fathers Ashes.

Monday we start a new campaign for the feature film Ashes.  Hope you will Join us on our journey to help make our project become a reality! We will be releasing the pitch video tomorrow morning! In the mean time check out Chemo: A Love Story and check out the Facebook page for Ashes


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