Operation: Happy Happy Joy Joy. Meet Lisa and Steven

After being diagnosed with cancer at an early age, I have been struggling with Suicidal thoughts for a while now. So I decided to start Operation: Happy happy Joy Joy and take to the streets of Manhattan and ask random people what gives them hope.
This will be a on going a project, hopefully everyday I will have a new video up. I will have a new one up today. looks like it.
Also, thank you all for your kind emails and words of encouragement during this rough time for me.

If you would like to participate yourself, (or send words of criticism) just send me a short video recording and I will post it on your behalf. please email me at stinkywizzleteats45@gmail.com

I don’t care about quality! film it on your mac, phone, whatever you have and upload it on youtube, make it private or unlisted and send it to me or send it by google drive!

what brings you joy?

what gives you hope

and who is that one person in your life you appreciate, but haven’t made the time to say thank you.


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