Operation: Happy Happy Joy Joy

I have to apologize to everyone who reads my blog. I have been going through a dark period in my life that has prevented me from updating.

Recently I tried committing suicide, I left my apartment 11:30 at night and took as many pills as I could. Forgetting that harlem apartment is literally 5 blocks away from Harlem Hospital… ( I lose). I didn’t expect a nurse to come to my rescue ( if it wasn’t for her midnight dog walks, I could have gotten away with it!) In all seriousness, I’m getting help for this though.

I know this may come as a shock. Especially, since I’m making a feature film, working on a web series and my play DECOY will be shown in a couple of theaters here in the city.  Recently I was told by someone I cared about, that they couldn’t handle my sickness and could no longer be part of my life.(I’m currently doing radiation treatment) This crushed me, I though, if a friend is saying this, what stake do I have in the future? That statement was the final straw, that lead to this act. Between the treatments and the overwhelming depression side effects. I have been feeling overwhelmed. “Fret not, I have device that will make it all well”

So in the grand style and in the name of absurdity on my blog, I’m going to do a brand new challenge of sorts. Operation Happy happy Joy Joy . Every week I will interview strangers and ask them: what gives them hope, joy and who is that one person in their life they appreciate, but haven’t made the time to say thank you.

if you would like to participate yourself, (or send words of criticism) just send me a short video recording and I will post it on your behalf. please email me at stinkywizzleteats45@gmail.com

I don’t care about quality! film it on your mac, phone, whatever you have and upload it on youtube, make it private or unlisted and send it to me or send it by google drive!

what brings you joy?

what gives you hope

and who is that one person in your life you appreciate, but haven’t made the time to say thank you.


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