Month: January 2014

Conversations with my cancer ridden body


Cancer: Whatcha doin?

Keith: Cutting this apple into halves

cancer: you’re funny you think an apple a day will keep the doctor away

Keith: that saying is all wrong. If you need 2 to 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day I don’t think a single apple is going to do the trick

Cancer: way to ruin my joke Keith, way to ruin it. 

Keith: I’m pretty sure that joke has been around longer than you were diagnosed with being an asshole 

Cancer: f*c* you Keith! Have fun trying to break 6 to 700 calories today!!



Swearing off to cancer or How I stopped worrying and learned to love my illness

Usually when I tell people I have cancer, there initial response in most cases are “WOW you’re so young” Which it’s true, being diagnosed with an incurable disease a month after your 23rd   birthday is kind of a slap in the face by god.  Especially since 4% of people under the age of 50 are diagnosed with my type of cancer.

What myeloma is, is an incurable blood disease where lesions form along the bone.  I have created this blog to share my humorous stories about my cancer experiences and to encourage other patients to reach out to others and most importantly to live their life.

First of all, I am going to dispel a couple myths about cancer. Not all black guys look good going bald; I really thought I was going to look like Shaft… or Sam Jackson.  please…The only thing I looked like was an ashy uncle fester. And not all nurses are hot. :: shakes head slowly::  Grey’s Anatomy Lied to me! Now, I love my nurses to death, but they all look like that black woman from that old pine sol commercial (you guys remember the one   )::over powering black woman voice:: “ the power of pine sol baby”But my oncologist was gorgeous; she could have told me I had cancer of the puppy, aids or I was white and I still would have smiled, drooled, and said “uh huh”.

On a serious note with out the kindness of strangers I wouldn’t have made it this far. I’m not going to lie and say it has been all bubble gum and happiness. I have had many rocky days, but taking the time to remember the absurd situations of having cancer and seeing first hand the kindness of others is enough to make you believe in the human spirit.I’m curious, what is the nicest thing a Stranger has ever done for you? Whether it’s offer you a Kleenex, or swipe there metro card to give you a free ride. I would love to hear every one stories.I will go first: One of my nurses knew I loved Spider-man so she bought me a comic book Called Spider-Man Reign. It takes place in real time where peter parker is an older man and Mary Jane has died of Cancer, this is a fantastic story with a lot of heart and meaning.I will leave you guys with this; In order to laugh, you must be able to play with your pain.